Mastering The Poker Face

Poker Face: What is it? When you play poker, especially online poker, where bluffing is more of a requirement than a strategy; you will sometimes need to adopt a poker face. A blank expression is simply a facial pose characterized by a complete indifference to all terms, meaning a total absence of emotional response. It can be caused by boredom, depression, confusion, or even mild irritation, like when a person refers to something that the speaker doesn’t understand. Sometimes it is a joke; your opponent might repeat that tickles your funny bone.

A poker face is essential in poker because, to win, you must make your opponents feel confused and frustrated so they will fold worse. This is where bluffing comes into play. The poker face is your way of stating that you are not interested in what your opponent has to say. If your opponent suspects this, he will fold more efficiently and be more likely to fold under pressure. Thus, this gives you an upper hand in a poker game.

Different kinds of poker faces, ranging from the relaxed poker face to the ultra-serious poker face, depending on what your objective is. For instance, in a full ring game, a poker face that shows that you control the situation makes you appear as the leader. If you are bluffing, then this poker face makes it very hard for your opponent to figure out what you are up to since you will not make any facial movements. A poker face that shows that you are taking everything in your stride and ready to take a beating is also beneficial since most players will fold quickly in such a situation.


A poker face that shows that you are a control freak can be quite useful in a full ring game. This makes you seem like you are in control since you will not fold even if you are losing the plot. However, this poker face should not be extended to the point where you look entirely controlled. Too many folds can make you seem weak.

Another type of poker face is the poker grimace. In poker, a poker face that makes you look bored and distortions can be instrumental. Such a poker face says that you are not putting in any real effort and content with letting things happen. So this poker face should be maintained in the appropriate situations. However, this poker face should not be used all the time.

The right way of using poker faces is to be completely natural. Misusing poker faces can cost you the game instead of helping you win it. Make sure you are using poker faces the right way.