What are the Common and Major Causes of Hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoids can be defined as the out pouching of the tissues present in the anal canal which contain blood vessels like veins. Hemorrhoids can be internal and external depending upon their types and positions. This disease is very common; however, nearly 4% individuals develop severe symptoms like pain and bleeding. There are several causes of hemorrhoids, and few of them are discussed as under:

Constipation: Constipation is considered one of the major causes of hemorrhoids. The disturbed bowel habits that have been prevailing since longtime may generate this problem. Usually the old aged individuals get hemorrhoids due to chronic constipation. However, cases in young individuals have also been observed.

Low Fiber Diet: Taking the diet having low fiber is also considered one of the major causes of hemorrhoids. Low fiber diet is also associated with constipation, and hence the chances for developing such condition increase too much. Many of the individuals nowadays don’t care about their dietary habits, and as a result of that, they acquire a lot of problems. High fiber diet regularizes the bowel movements and prevents development of pressure in the lower intestine, which is the major culprit for causing hemorrhoids.

Pregnancy: One of the major causes of hemorrhoids is pregnancy. Those women who are pregnant may find increased chances for the development of hemorrhoids. Pregnancy increases the lower abdominal pressure, and hence the veins inside the anal canal are swollen up and produce pain.

Internal Tumor: Any large tumor inside the body or in the intestine may generate hemorrhoids. Again the mechanism here is the increased lower abdominal pressure, which makes the veins in the anal canal to swollen and protrudes out from the orifice.

Obesity: Obesity, where produces a lot of health concerns, also associated with the development of hemorrhoids. Obesity increases the lower abdominal pressure, and hence a person acquires this problem easily.

Old Age: According to a theory, in old age, the cushion which holds the veins inside the anal canal becomes fragile. As a result of that, the veins start outpouring. They become engorged and painful. Some of the internal hemorrhoids may even protrude to the outside due to the same mechanism.

In conclusion, there are several causes of hemorrhoids. A person should take preventive measures, in order to avoid this problem. He should take the balanced diet, full of fibers and take necessary treatment for other associated illnesses mentioned above.

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