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let’s face it: athletes tend to be the most confident people in the world, even to the point of being arrogant. it is a necessary fuel that feeds their collective competitive engines. athletes also tend to be self-motivated, spending hours every day as children, teens and young adults repetitively practicing the skills they need to make it to the big leagues. so, with this in mind, terry francona should be a great manager at virtually any major league baseball team he leads.

It might be better for francona to take a year off and recharge the old batteries: spend time with his family and a few evenings in the announcer’s box providing color commentary for major league baseball broadcasts. there is a good chance this will happen, particularly in that the best outcome for francona may be a finalization of a sale of the los angeles dodgers to a new owner, something that may not occur before the 2012 season..

The four major components of exchange server are the information store, the system attendant, the simple mail transfer protocol and the active directory. these four components work together to provide guidance and instructions for users on messaging and data storage and retrieval; how to manage an email service, how to use calendars and addresses; plus the creation of user accounts and mailboxes..

Any new owner of the dodgers will certainly want to clean house to give the fans a real sense of hope, and bringing in terry francona to be manager would be a big time deal that would get the fan base excited. further, while the dodgers will be under the microscope in a major media market, this will be easy compared to what francona saw as manager of the pre-world series winning boston red sox..

Has john farrell done well enough with the toronto blue jays for the red sox to make a trade for him while he is still under contract? we all know that the “motivational” problem with the red sox was in the ranks of the starting pitchers, and as a former red sox pitching coach, farrell knows some of the players already. but, what about his leadership skills? management will have to be convinced he will actually yell at someone who is underperforming..

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