Skywest Airlines Facts and SpecialtiesWhen searching for a way to travel with speed and comfort, regional airlines, such as Skywest Airlines, will meet your needs. While the airline industry has had a difficult time in recent years, some smaller airlines such as Skywest have managed to succeed by maintaining high standards of customer service and giving airline passengers more choices. We’ll now take a look at some facts and recent developments regarding Skywest Airlines.

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Skywest Airline’s success can be linked to their ability to cover the gap between large and small airlines. United Airlines, considered the worlds largest airline when it comes to the number of people transported annually, is one of its partners. Millions of people are served in many countries and continents making United an international airline. United is also a member of Star Alliance, a network of leading airlines that pool their resources to make it easier for passengers to get the information and the flights that they need. Even as United serves major destinations, smaller but equally important places are served by smaller partners such as Skywest Airlines.

In order to make Skywest Airlines reservations, you will need to contact on of its partner airlines. Tickets are not issued directly and reservations are not made through Skywest Airlines because it operates at the will of Alaska, Delta, AirTran and United Airlines, its partner airlines. Call the airlines, go to their websites or visit their ticket counters to make a reservation. Travel agencies or discount brokers could also be used to book a flight on Skywest. Be sure the company or website you are dealing with is legitimate if you are not dealing directly with an airline.

As a regional carrier, space and other limitations may come in to play when you use Skywest Airlines. Due to this, larger partner airlines will be less restrictive than the policies on Skywest. On a Skywest flight, large items such as kayaks, large pet kennels, and windsurf equipment will not be allowed. Unlike some larger airlines where you can check live animals, you cannot when flying with Skywest Airlines. So if you’re flying with this airline and have any special requirements, you should check ahead of time to make sure your needs can be met. As the planes are smaller when flying with a regional airline, restrictions will apply.

Travelers all over America are now discovering how much more convenient it is to fly on a regional airline such as Skywest than to travel by car. With fuel costs going up and the economy in a slump, many travelers are opting for shorter trips and, as a result, are using the increasingly popular regional carriers. Skywest airlines is the forerunner in helping to increase the popularity among flyers today for switching to the regional airlines.

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