Repronex: Uses and Uses

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Luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone contains the components of Repronex. The route of administration is through subcutaneous and intramuscular means. In the United States, the usually utilized brands are: Repronex, Pergonal and Menopur. It is obtainable on powder form for dispensing.

The combination of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone(LH) is pharmaceutically termed menotropins. Both hormones are essentially made in the pituitary gland, which play an imperative role in fertility and ovulation.

The Uses for Females:

The FSH is the main hormone that stimulates the ovarian follicles. It aids in the full progression of the egg cell and then the cells evolving around the egg will ultimately support the pregnancy. After that, follicles in the ovaries get stimulated and then matures, the estrogen levels constantly rises and released in the bloodstream. Estrogen makes uterine lining to develop for mature egg to get adhered on it. Once the estrogen levels is at a distinctive level, it can stimulate the brain and pituitary gland to release FSH.

The LH will assist in the increase of the estrogen levels that are formed by the follicles. Yet the basic role of LH is for ovulation, wherein the whole process is focused to release mature egg cell. The LH heave will cause ovulation to occur in order to release progesterone that creates the endometrium to widen, mature, and finally, support the implantation of that fertilized egg. Should the implantation fall short, the levels of estrogen falls and then menstruation fallout.

Menotropins are normally given with human chorionic gonadotropin to raise LH level. Then, ovulation can occur at a particular time.

Uses in Males:

The menotropins are used in the stimulation of sperm production in men who have some form of infertility. The medication is evidently made for males having low menotropins level or have functional testes but just have low sperm counts.

Repronex should only be used on its specified purpose, bought on accredited pharmacies/stores/clinics, and prescribed by a notified fertility spet. It should not be used without notifying a doctor nor without any prescription. It should not be bought online without the presentation of said prescription. This is a Pregnancy Category X drug that is very dangerous to both men and women who acquire serious medical disorders.

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