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It may have come to your attention that there is plenty of advertisements supposedly selling free land in the UK. These may seem enticing for many people but the fact remains there may be items listed on these areas that are misleading. However, if you want to get the public knowledgeable about these lands, then it would suffice.

The concept of the free land is not just the lot, but it will encompass the structures and the buildings that have been constructed. When you need to make a decision on the ads, you would do well to verify the data and details listed. There are some that will abuse the buyers interested on the properties.

Some disclosures on these properties are sometimes untrue. There are some that states land that is not fully registered under the government is free is entirely false. A presumption exists that for every parcel of land in the market means there will always be an owner. It may have only been left abandoned as the owners may have passed on and no clear indication of ownership is listed.

An unclear indication of the heirs will mean that the property will placed under the ownership and guardianship of the Treasury Solicitor. In some cases, it will be placed under the British Crown and will be handled by the Land Registry.

Houses and properties that have passed ownerships and mortgagors are listed on the register of the agency since the 1990s. Most of the residential lands have been listed, but acres of agricultural lands have yet to be properly registered under the agency. It is stated that while there are no visible owners to the properties, it does not mean there are none.

When you are looking for the ideal property, you can search for those that are abandoned, no traceable heirs and owners, and the lands that have not been registered. These are the parcels of land that can be considered as free land.

Interested parties to the land are then encouraged to find if the lot is registered. An online search on the Land Registry process is often the best way to go about it.

When the steps to these researches turn up empty, you might consider asking from the neighbors that are in the immediate vicinity. If the previous owner has been reported to have died, you might look into the local Probate Registry to discover the next of kin.

There are cases when you might consider hiring third party services. The 1st Locate Services is the ideal business that can help in the research. However, you need to take extra precaution in the process especially when asked about the intentions to the property.

Land can be occupied in adverse possession when the owners or heirs have not been found or the land is not registered. To signify ownership, renovations can be done. However, it is never advised to spend too much on these projects as there is the possibility the owner might turn up and claim the property as theirs.

A person may legally own a land only after twelve years. An investigation will be held to hear the claim before the land title will be transferred to you name.

The agency of the Land Registry does not encourage any land grabbing issues. Proper research on the land ownership must be taken. In fact, the best way to ensure legal process is observe is of you make an offer to the owner itself.

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